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I had a look at the Richard Baldwin site. Looks reall good. Would I actually be able to teach the class using this as my virtual 'textbook'?...
Please feel free to use any or all parts of my Alice tutorials in your course, including slides, practice tests, etc., in whatever manner will work best for you and your students, free of charge, of course.

I teach a one-semester college course in Programming Fundamentals using only my online Alice materials. Everything is online except for the tests. I don't use a textbook in the Alice course.

I also don't use a textbook for the Java/OOP and occasional C++ courses that I teach either. I almost always write and publish my own material for programming courses, making the material freely available to all students and any other interested parties via the web. I have been doing so since about 1997. See the links below.

Wishing you success in your new course.
Dick Baldwin
Free Alice tutorials:
Free programming tutorials:
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