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Originally Posted by lanceA View Post
1. a. The "official" one is Learning To Program with Alice, Wanda P. Dann, et al. ISBN 0-
13-187289-3, Prentice Hall
b. Check out Dick Baldwin's free Alice Tutorials at
c. There are several other books on Alice available includingشركة مكافحة حشرات بالرياض C. Herbert's An
Introduction to Programming Using Alice, ISBN 978-1-4188-3625-2, or the Cashman
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d. If you are teaching two years you may wish to look at J. Adam's Alice in Action with
JAVA, ISBN 978-4239-0096-2 because his book uses a spiral pedagogy to introduce
key object-oriented topics using Alice,نقل عفش then circles back to the same concepts in
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2. I would not expect 11th graders to spend more than two semesters working with Alice. I teach at a dual curriculum high school and I use Alice with 9th graders and we do spend the entire year using Alice. However,نقل اثاث due to the curriculum we only meet 5 classes in a two-week cycle.
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3. In the 10th grade we begin studying JAVA for the AP 'A' Computer Science tests. (Having studied Alice the previous year makesشركة تنظيف منازل a significant positive impact in student performance!)

You may wish to visit and click on Instructor Materials to view several sample Syllabi for presenting an Alice course. Each sample syllabus covers a different amount of time for presenting the material.

As an aside, I also teach 'AB' Computer Science however,شركة مكافحة حشرات the College Board has concluded that the AP 'AB' Computer Science course will be discontinued after the 2009 year due to a decline in the number of students taking the test in high schools. This exemplifies what the colleges/universities have been saying for years: "There is a serious decline in enrollment in Computer Science". Unfortunately for me,شركة كشف تسربات my numbers for students wishing to continue with the 'AB' portion have steadily increased since I begin using Alice as an intro to comp-sci.

Good luck in your program!
that is really useful & i appreciate that thank you very much

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