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Weird issue on thin clients?
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Default Weird issue on thin clients? - 06-19-2014, 12:27 PM

I am a teacher and have used Alice 2.2 for the longest time. I have wanted to use 3 for sometime, but it never seemed to work well for me. I gave it another try this past week and still its not working right. The issue is in scene editor (or really anytime) if I try to drag and item around the screen (to move its location) I cant seem to select it. I always get the background (the this object). If the object is large enough, I can sometimes get lucky if I select the exact center. It is exceedingly frustrating.
I tried on a local computer and didnt have the issue. It only happened on our thin clients (which are running win 7 off a network). They generally have no issues - Im hoping someone out there has some ideas, because Alice 2.2 is dated at this point.
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