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Originally Posted by dan2343 View Post
Does anyone have a completed version of the gatekeeper?
I do, but I am a teacher and unfortunatly can not give it to you? Does your teacher also come here to see if any of his/her students are looking for others to do their homework? Several teachers have introduced themselves to their students in this forum.

It's extremely hard to learn to program unless you first try to do it yourself.

To solve this problem use my previous post about moving Objects. The solution to the project is to have the Gatekeeper in position 4.

As you already know, you will need to write your own methods and Event Handlers.

If you stop and thank about it the code will not be that difficult to write. Visualize the problem that you need to solve for this project, draw it on paper if you need to. Logically visualize the steps you need to go through in order to solve this problem.

Good luck,

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