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Default 08-04-2006, 04:38 AM

Thank you. We are interested in contributing because we are interested in developing code based on Alice. So, it seems we will need to base this on Alice 2.0 to start with. This raises a number of issues:

Firstly, the Alice source tarball contains no build instructions at all. No makefiles or ant files, or configure scripts. As our group is new to java this makes things rather difficult. I can only infer that running javac on every class file will eventually get us something we can use. Would it be possible to supply some hints about the intended process for building Alice from source, please? Maybe as part of a re-released tarfile?

Secondly, it's been stated that Alice Worlds from 2.x will not work in 3.x. Is 3.0 going to be a complete rewrite, or will the API remain largely the same? I'm wondering what to plan for when 3.0 comes out and our apps work with 2.0

Thirdly, I imagine that as this is a research-based project, there will not be sufficient resources for further development of 2.x, apart from some bug fixes. Is this correct? This would tend to limit our scope for contributions if 3.0 doesn't share much of the 2.x code base (to which we have access).

Thank you.
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