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3.0 & NetBeans Plugin
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Default 3.0 & NetBeans Plugin - 06-29-2009, 03:29 PM

Great strides appear to be occuring by those people working with the NetBeans plugin. One thing pointed out by DrJim a while ago is that even though you can create an Alice 3.0 beta project in NetBeans, when it is run it still requires that Alice 3.0 be installed on the end-users machine.

I'm aware Alice 3.0 has priority at the moment and not the NetBeans Plugin but if possible, in a future release of the plugin I would like to see this requirement removed. Today I removed Alice 3.0 from a computer, created an icon on my Desktop (which ran a batch file) and tried to run a Netbeans project. I received the error message: "Cannot find Alice Move and Turn Gallery in it's expected location: c:Program Files/Alice/3.beta0000/galery". (Prior to removing Alice this worked properly every time the icon was clicked.)

When NetBeans creates an Alice 3 project I note that it creates a lib folder which has several jar files including moveandturn.jar. I looked inside this file and note that there are .class files for virtually every Alice object, i.e., Carousel, mole, LennonBeetle,cow etc. I'm assuming these class files contain the code governing all Alice object's move and turn capabilities.

The error message concerning the "...Alice/3.beta.0000/gallery" appears to be asking for the actual objects themselves which includes visual representation in order to display the object on the screen (.png file).

I'm probably off-base on a lot of the above but it would be nice at some point down the line if the plugin could also place in the lib folder that it creates, the appropriate gallery file for the objects in the program. Perhaps by somehow reading the imported file such as:

Just something to consider down the line. It would be nice if a Alice user could zip-up an Alice 3.0 project, email it to her friends and not require that the friend download Alice. Just a thought for the development team when they have a spare moment in 2010-2011.

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