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Originally Posted by lanceA View Post
Today I removed Alice 3.0 from a computer, created an icon on my Desktop (which ran a batch file) and tried to run a Netbeans project. I received the error message: "Cannot find Alice Move and Turn Gallery in it's expected location: c:Program Files/Alice/3.beta0000/galery".
This is exactly the same message I received when I tried to run a NetBeans .jar file on a machine without Alice 3 installed. (The identical procedure did work on another machine with Alice 3 and the JRE - but not the development kit - installed.)

I'm working on some ideas along the line that Lance sugests and if I have any success (it's not really one of my top priorities) I'll post the results. The CMU team will have to give a reading on the legal issues before something could be released as a package - plus it would also be nice if there was a user friendly installer for the package. (It would even be nicer if lines of working and bug free code could grow at a faster rate than the lines in a "wish list" - but I've never seen that happen.)
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