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The solution is to copy the gallery tree (C:\Program Files\Alice3Beta\gallery) under the dist folder of the project you built with NetBeans

Rename the gallery folder in C:\Program Files\Alice3Beta\gallery to, say, C:\Program Files\Alice3Beta\ignore_gallery

Run your project (AliceProjectWizardProject.jar)

As LanceA and DrJim pointed out, your Alice project will complain about the fact that it cannot find the gallery (because you renamed it in the previous step) Click on the button to set the new location of the gallery (the button on the left in the dialog window). Select the gallery folder inside the dist folder of your project.

You only need to do this once. Next time you run your project it will use the gallery under your dist folder.

IF you also copy all the DLLs into your dist folder AND adjust the java.library.path variable to point to the copied DLLs under your dist folder (I would suggest to create a folder called dll under dist to keep things tidy) THEN you should be able to remove Alice3.0 from the computer and run your project without problems.

There's got to be a way of doing this by editing a config file or setting a special variable, but I have had no time to investigate this.

However, as DrJim pointed out elsewhere, the gallery is about 2/3 of the Alice3.0 installation, so it might just be easier to install Alice3.0 IDE in the machine you are deploying your project...Uff

If you plan NOT to remove Alice3.0 from the machine, in order to create more project, I would suggest to revert the name change of the original gallery folder (from C:\Program Files\Alice3Beta\ignore_gallery to C:\Program Files\Alice3Beta\gallery) so the IDE can find its own gallery.

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