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However, as DrJim pointed out elsewhere, the gallery is about 2/3 of the Alice3.0 installation, so it might just be easier to install Alice3.0 IDE in the machine you are deploying your project...Uff
If you just wanted to support a single project - such as a really neat game - you could obviously deleate a lot more of the gallery. This might be helpful if you wanted to share your work with friends who had no interest in learning Alice.

I'm not too sure about the legal aspects of doing this directly - at a minimum you would need to include the three EULA's with your distributed file. One nice thing about downloading and installing Alice 3 and then deleting what you don't need is that, by doing so, you will already have agreed to all the proprietary restrictions, whatever they are. (I think I signed away the rights to my oldest child - but if anyone can enforce that, good luck. )
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