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Default 03-13-2010, 08:14 PM

I'm so tired of this garbage...

Here's the thing: I've always been encouraging everyone to work on their submissions. Not just jedi (though I have told him personally to do so), everyone. And as far as his post count goes, I'll admit he may post a lot, sometimes needlessly, but he's not a spammer, he's just enthusiastic. besides, most people who have any sense in them judge by post quality, not post quantity. If you don't like it, add him to your ignore list instead of condemning him, because THAT can be considered flaming. Also, if you only want constructive criticism or some other specific form of feedback on your worlds or ideas, say so in your opening posts.

Now, I'll admit that his last post made no sense (the 6 months one) because I can't tell if he thought I said that of if he is suggesting that I implement that or what, but that can be cleared up by asking him what he means, not by yelling at him.

As for you jedi, I would prefer it if you put more effort into reading others' posts and answering based on those posts, as well as in spelling your posts properly (since everyone seems to attack you for that). It'll be beneficial for you in the long run anyway.

Now, this is the end of it. You've all been given instructions. Failure to follow them will result in punishment.