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but he's not a spammer, he's just enthusiastic. [Jediaction]
X is right, Jediaction is a good guy. He's enthusiastic, he likes to talk,( and please correct me if that is not the purpose of a forum, To talk about alice) and his conversation is 99% of the time based on alice. And when it is not, it is normally relative to. I'm not talking to lanceA or Dubastot specifically, but Really? Jedi should get some credit. He just wants to be appreciated, he's not trying to spam. And lots of people tell him off when they don't really need to. And then everybody takes advantage of the fact that X is a super moderator and expects him to solve thier problems.

Jediaction doesn't need people being his enemy.

O.K. I'm done with that but I have a question for X. Does it have to be any specific type of game? Because mine is like a launcher game(I gues that's what you would call it). Example:

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