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Will Alice 3 have real time?
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Cool Will Alice 3 have real time? - 10-19-2009, 03:52 PM

Giving Alice 2.2 an instruction to run an action with a duration of "1 second" does not cause that action to have a duration of one second at runtime. Instead, it runs at a speed that is different on different computers but is certainly not sixty seconds per minute. Encoding on the same machine does not run instructions at the same rate as runtime. This makes Alice useless as an animation tool for creating animations with sound. Music videos in particular are impossible in Alice 2.2.

I hear Alice 3 will have The Sims characters. It could be a great machinima tool for making real animations that people might actually want to watch if it can run animations at a rate based on real time. In that case, I will want to use it to make movies with. Without real time, Alice 3.0 will remain a mere toy like 2.2.

I very strongly believe that programming classes should use real tools in terms of things that can produce tangible, redistributable results. QBasic 4.5, despite it's limitations, was a real tool because it could export programs as binaries that can be run by others who can run DOS programs. Alice will become a real tool once it can export animations as videos that can be shared by others who can open standard video formats.

Will this be implemented?

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