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Questions about the event loop?
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Default Questions about the event loop? - 03-27-2010, 06:30 PM

I am a student teacher assistant for our school's computer science class and the county has mandated that we use alice. The teacher had asked me to make an example program using alice to show to the students. However I have had some problems adapting to not using a text editor and can't seem to find how to do certain things, any help with these things would be much appreciated.

I need to clear the click event queue as when clicks happen while the firing animation is taking place they will always lag in later and make the gun continue to shoot (or I need to be able to drag conditional statements to control the event queue so when player_IsShooting is true I can ignore any unwanted mouse clicks.)

I need to set the "Let arrow keys move <subject>" to move an object in relations to another one's axis not just the object's local axis, because when the camera and gun are rotated via this procedure the gun always goes out of the camera's viewpoint (or I need to attach the gun and the camera so that they travel together as a single unit.)
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