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Originally Posted by static12 View Post
project 3.4 p102 (Einstein's formula); and
project 3.6 p102 (Farmer in the Dell);
Both are a bit long to post completely - but this should get you started until you can find someone who has the book. (Isn't there one in your school's library?)

3.4 wants you to have a character that calculate e=m*c**2 in his head when the user supplies a mass. (Also I assume he is to display the result, though the problem doesn't say.) You are to make your variables "descriptive" and use the world pov() function

3.6 is very long - but most of the problem is just the listing of the lyrics for "Farmer in the Dell." You are to create a singVerse() method where a character "sings" the song - and use parameters and variables to write your program "efficiently".

I really do recommend you check around to find a copy of the book as soon as possible.
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