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Just discovered Google SketchUp; Comparison w/Alice
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Thumbs up Just discovered Google SketchUp; Comparison w/Alice - 05-21-2010, 09:53 AM


I have been recently browsing the Net to find alternatives to Alice, and just stumbled across Google SketchUp and think this program is really cool!
Once I get more CDRoms I will download the freebie program and begin playing & working with it- I can't wait to begin to see the similarities and differences!

On a second note:
I am desiring to teach Alice to residents of my new home, since I recently moved in the last few weeks. Unsure if it will upload into new computer, as there may not be sufficient room to install Alice. But some of the residents are unemployed and need job skills and could benefit from learning about Alice, if they wish to do so!
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