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Ok, I have been working on this for a while now, and I made a better version of the Clock. The reason why I had the hour wrong is because I was using Alice 2.0 and there must be an error while using time on that version. I downloaded 2.2 today and I actually like it a lot better (although it will take a while to get used to). The time for me actually works correctly on 2.2 for me, so I fixed that.

New Additions:

I added a new clock design that will be noticeably different from the old one that I had in the first version. This one is a modern clock now, HOWEVER you can also click anywhere on the clock to change it back to the original Clock wooden design from the first version (if you like that one better).

Also, I think this is cool, I added a new Digital Clock in the regular Clock, so now not only will you see the ticking clock version, but a digital one as well. Thank you cardsfan527 for the post of your digital clock, you helped me to design the one that I used for my program!!! You really helped a lot.
If you do not like the look of the digital clock, you can click anywhere on the digital clock and it will disappear, and click again for it to reappear.

Oh and I also added an AM / PM on it so that it will tell you whether it is lets say 2:46 AM or 2:46 PM instead of just 2:46. The AM is to the top left of the clock, and PM is on the top right. I did not make any scripts to make these disappear.

Please try the program and tell me what you think, or if there are any errors, and what I should add for version 2.1 (and if there are a lot of changes, version 3.0!)
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