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Originally Posted by GoGators View Post
I am in the alice forums a bit and I have noticed that there are a lot of people out there who want to put google sketch-up/3D warehouse into their Alice worlds. Thus making custom objects, I know it is already possible but it is a tedious job and I was thinking alice three may be able to have something in it to , take sketchup files (.skp) or something else, if you need further explanation on the prosess shoot me an email of private massage “GoGators” through the Alice community forums! I also was thinking of a function like:
|Sphere| Collision == |true/false|
In which you could make the object solid or not just as easy as changing its color! I say this because it is quite a haste to program every shape its own collision method! I have to do this in almost every one of my games! I also have to say that a sort of auto debugger would be awesome or some sort of line by line debugger! I really admire all of your hard work so keep it up 1001 changes will be great! I was also thinking that a “carbuilder” would be cool just like the He/Shebuilder in witch you could choose a custom color, wheels, back of the car, mid of the car, and front of the car!
Your admirer,
Tell me more about what you want to do in PM

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