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Decent Camera Animations
Ammo System
Grenade Drop


No Sound
Glitchy Reloading
Not much to offer


43/100 by Chrome Games

I'll start with the glitches. The frist thing I ran into was the door in the beginning. If you press Enter more than once, it keeps spinning around. That brings me to my second point, there should be ingame instructions. Also, When I pressed reload, the gun repositioned in a messed up position. The controls are clunky also. You have to move your entire hand just to reload the gun because move is the arrow keys instead of w,s,a and d. To call this a game doesn't qualify well. It is more of a FPS Base System, which is what I see now and in your description. The system just needs more polishing before final release such as: Sounds, better reloading animations, better controls, and more to offer. I did like the grenade drop, but that needs to be improved also.


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