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How to adjust positioning & angle of say/think bubbles
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Default How to adjust positioning & angle of say/think bubbles - 04-06-2010, 09:57 PM


I'm an advisor helping a student who's independently learning Alice. I am well versed in other languages, but haven't myself worked in it (although I've observed my student). We're having problems with dialog and thought bubbles (don't want 3D; don't want billboard....)

I have two questions
(Q1) In his program, all of his dialog and thought bubbles somehow got shifted all to the left compared to where the associated object is.

For example, think of a basic numberline. If the object is at position x=2, then the diagonal jut-out of the dialog bubble ("say" method) seems to think that the object is somewhere around position x=-5. If we move the object, the bubble moves accordling. Same problem with the "think" method as well.

All of his objects act this way. Is there some type of program setting that inadvertently got changed?

(Q2) All of the "jut outs" from the dialog bubble and all of the "ascending circles" in the thought bubble all go in the same direction every time. Is there a way to modify this (e.g., for one object, have the dialog bubble appear to the upper left, but on another object, have the dialog bubble appear to the upper right?).

thanks for any insights!!!
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