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Lightbulb 07-30-2013, 05:38 PM

if camera is within <threshold> of <gate-name>

sorry if this is confusing, im used to scripting in C# and Java, so i tried my best to match the visual scripting.

Basically, just grab the function stated above (within threshold of),
then put in whatever you'd like the gate to do. If you're making it open, i suggest creating a dummy facing the direction you would like the gate doors to face when open. Then move the dummies(one for each door) about a meter or 2 forward(make sure axis zed"blue axis" is facing the angle the doors are going to swing open to). After thats done in the do section of the if statement put this

if camera is within <threshold> of <gate-name>
do together
<gate-door-1> face (orient to) <dummy1>
<gate-door-2> face (orient to) <dummy2>

placing a "turn" function would make the doors turn every time you got near them, and you'll end up with the gates doing 360's through walls (if you had)
or if you used a "while" function as well.

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