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Need help with my little game project
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Default Need help with my little game project - 06-11-2010, 04:52 AM

Hi Guys,

I'm new to Alice. I'm trying to make a simple project game. But i'm stuck.

The Scenario

The Cat will responds to "when a key is type" left arrow by (turning left 0.1 revolutions), right arrow (turning right 0.1 revolutions) and the up arrow (moving forward 1 meters)

If the cat came close within 4 meters in front of the mouse, The mouse will move 1 meters down into his hole, But if the Cat moves to a position that is more than 4 meters away from The mouse, The mouse will move back up 1 meters once the mouse is safe, so it can keep an eye out for the cat. If the cat can get close enough behind the mouse. the cat turns its head
down, the mouse says I'm dead meat.. GOT CAUGHT!!! and gets eaten by the cat (disappears).

Please find attachment of my code's in pdf

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