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rcrice 01-07-2009 09:33 AM

Duke Univ - teaching materials
I am new to Alice, I discovered it only a week ago and my 10 year old son has taken to it like a duck to water. Within 24 hours of working through the built in tutorials, he was making animated birthday cards for his sister!

I am having to teach my self as we go along, so I can give him a hand when he gets stuck. So, I have been looking for material to teach myself about Alice.

In addition to Dick Baldwin's fantastic site, Duke University has a good amount of teaching material available. Tutorials, handouts, PPT slides, sample worlds. It appears that this material comes out of a summer workshops on teaching Alice to 5th - 12th grade students.

See: [url][/url]

The Duke materials are perhaps a little easier to grasp for middle school kids, where I suspect that Dick's excellent material may be a little better suited for older students.

Since I couldn't find a reference to the Duke materials in the forums already, I thought I'd pass this on to everyone.


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