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Forumuser 07-29-2018 02:26 AM

Assignment 7
This one was a bit more challenging, but only because I had more ideas. We have to code it so objects make sounds and do animations when certain keys are pressed using events. I used 3d text for my menu and had it disappear when my methods were running by changing the opacity parameters and then resetting them. I also hid my objects all on the same screen when not in use. I did four. Each one got more complex than the last. The first was a chicken. Easy right? Just made a couple of step poses for the walk and set it to randomly turn left or right while taking a couple steps and clucking. It's position doesn't reset so you can make it wander around a little bit.

Then I did a simple switch. The handle goes down and you get a clanking sound.

Next I used the tortoise object and the keyboard object. I had it animated to look like it was playing the keyboard while the opening moments of this song I imported play.

Finally, I created an entire scene and hid it. I used the ground object to make a green grass floor just ontop of my moon world then used the cloudy sky object in the environments gallery in the sky folder to change the blackness of space into a sky. Put a castle in the background, princess in the foreground. Animate the princess to do some princess-like gestures to this harp-heavy song I made in another program that I imported. It's like a new world just appears out of nowhere when you press the button and then it just goes away. My methods are getting pretty long.

I think when doing things involving multiple objects I like to set them as vehicles to each other so I can't accidentally knock one out of alignment to the rest and can just move it all at the same time.

It was kind of funny how the tutorial used the mona lisa as an example of making a billboard in alice because I happened to have a version of me as the mona lisa that I made in a digital effects class is it was fun getting to use that.

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