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relliott44444 09-24-2014 08:20 AM

ITSE1429 Assign4-RE
ITSE1429 Assign4-RE
In order to do well with Alice, here are some tips:
• The perspective you use makes a difference. For example, the random number function is only found in the world object.
• Make small changes and try them. If some new code seems to be useful but you are not certain, you can keep it by marking it ‘disable’. You can then try some more code but if this latest change does not work out, you can revert back to the saved code and ‘enable’ it again.
• The ‘disable’ feature also can speed testing – you can ‘disable’ whole methods to shorten your program and allow running just the pertinent part for evaluation.
• Take backups and save frequently.
• Appendix B has a categorized summary of built-in methods and functions (e.g. ‘random number’).


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