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nymets6986 01-03-2009 03:46 AM

Help anyone please!!!
Well let megive you some background informationbefore I start. I have an Alice project due January 5, 2009 and it's about a childrens game. ex. Jumprope, hopskotch, rock paper scissors, etc., I am Alice illiterate and am asking for someone to do it for me it's alot to ask but I can't fail this class the reason I slacked off was due to the fact that I am studying for more important things like SAT's and college certified tests so please anyone it can be crappy i just need to pass.

nymets6986 01-04-2009 12:04 AM

really can no one help me

DrJim 01-04-2009 02:57 PM

Not that we can't - just we won't!

You got into the mess - get out of it. :p

nymets6986 01-04-2009 06:22 PM

please it may be to late but i will make it worth while somehow

Chris101b 01-05-2009 01:00 AM

Let me ask, what are you going to do in college when you actually have to do the work? Are you going to ask your roommates to do it? You've got to take responsibility for this instead of pawning it off on someone else. You cannot say to us that you haven't had a single second of spare time to make something. You have just been procrastinating and it is your fault, not ours. We can help you, but wont do it for you.

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