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alex809 11-12-2010 04:30 PM

site theme
i liek this site theme i could easly get it with firefox i have the program and everything but before i do i would like o know who the owner is so i can ask him about me using hi theme and buttons etc on my website. :)


thank u

the current theme sucks though.

SirThorfinn 11-12-2010 04:39 PM

What are you trying to accomplish with this forum???:confused:

beachbum111111 11-12-2010 07:44 PM

he's going off topis. he should be banned for advertising

alex809 11-13-2010 12:03 PM

its not advertising im not advertising anything its to show that my theme sucks and this is not off topic because i created this forum to get info so i could maybe get the theme and not get my board closed for taking another persons theme without permission so no im not going off topic.

i am trying to accomplish getting a site theme (a nice one) for my website but i see that no oen is going to tell me the owner of this site

also beachbum u might not have to worry about me in ur alice club because mr.gibbs said that maybe money i will be allowed to use the computer in the lab at school again.

beachbum111111 11-13-2010 01:12 PM

ok .1 these forums arnt for your site. there for ALICE and .2 the computers in the lab wont download alice.

x2495iiii 11-13-2010 02:45 PM

It's not a huge thing. All he has to do is post stuff like this in the lounge. In fact, that's where I'm moving this topic now.

alex809 11-15-2010 09:41 AM

i dont mean download in the lab i said at HOME as in NOT IN SCHOOL and i can get it at HOME and i can get on the ALICE forums at HOME.

beachbum111111 11-15-2010 10:29 AM

i know. but you cant download it... you can only write on the forums. btw you are kicked out of the club and mr gibbs is thinking of not letting you go in the computer lab at reccess...

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