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Ch0pStickS 12-22-2008 06:29 PM

some things you should add:

1. a shot counter

and also

2. a way to change the sensitivity of how fast it looks right and left.

btw, tell me if you need help with anything.

Chris101b 12-22-2008 08:35 PM

[QUOTE=Ch0pStickS;8060]some things you should add:

1. a shot counter

and also

2. a way to change the sensitivity of how fast it looks right and left.

btw, tell me if you need help with anything.[/QUOTE]

Those are really good ideas, Ill see what I can do. Thanks!

Chris101b 12-22-2008 09:39 PM

Alright, I want there to be collision detection in the game, so I have to use the "Arrow Keys Control Camera" thing. The only question is how can I make it so that people can decrease the speed in which the camera turns. I tried making it so that when left was held, the camera turned left -5 every 5 seconds but when I held the left arrow key, it would move to the right first and then start moving to the left (due to fact that it was a negative rotation). It slowed the camera down, but had an unnecessary right turn in the beginning. Also, if I made everything 0 so that there was no increase or decrease in turning speed, it was like the camera was lagging slightly. Is there something in the settings that let you control the camera turning speed? Unless all you want the camera to do is increase the turning speed. But if I do that, then when there is no alteration in turning speed, the camera will lag.

Chris101b 12-22-2008 09:49 PM

Alright, I think I actually got it, but it will require the player to change a couple of numbers in the events box. When the world is opened, the camera speed is disabled. If the person wants to increase the speed look sensitivity, then he/she has to go into the events, scroll down to find the two that are disabled, enable them, and then change the sensitivity to what they want. 0 is the lowest it can be, and they can change it to whatever they want. The higher the first number, the faster the speed. If anyone finds an easier way to do this please tell me. Thanks.

x2495iiii 12-22-2008 10:29 PM

can I see the code? I may be able to help.

Chris101b 12-22-2008 10:43 PM

Of course.

x2495iiii 12-22-2008 11:04 PM

Seems effective enough, though I only noticed a difference when I used extreme numbers. maybe 10 is too high of a denominator? i tried using 2, it made the difference between .25, 1, and 2 much more visible.

There is a different way. There is a turn at speed method at the lower end of the method menu for the camera. just have the number the user changes be the speed in whcih the camera turns. You may want to add some math on the end of it, though, as turning at speed .5 revs per second is FAST.

Chris101b 12-23-2008 02:01 AM

Alright, I changed the look sensitivity into a function. Because of this you dont have to change 2 things hidden somewhere in the code. It is now under the functions tab of the camera. Also, I'm going to leave the denominator at 10, because the higher the denominator, the higher the communicability. One thing though, how would I make it so that the functions number lessens when I go into sniper mode. I want to change this because whenever I go into the sniper mode, the look sensitivity is so much higher because the camera dimensions have changed. Is there anyway to change this function during the game so that the sensitivity isn't so high for the sniper mode?

x2495iiii 12-23-2008 04:53 PM

You could change the denominator to a variable which equals 10 while outside sniper mode and equals something else when in sniper mode.

Chris101b 12-23-2008 07:45 PM

Well I actually upped the look sensitivity denominator to 20 so that it is even more customizable and it seems to work fine. Also, I did what x2495iiii said and changed the denominator to a variable and fiddled around with it and made it work. Thanks for that suggestion. Now, no matter what your look sensitivity is on, the sniper mode will always use the same sensitivity. Unless of course you put it on some ungodly number which would make it impossible to play. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Do you want the sniper to be the same look sensitivity or do you want me to make it so that it is slightly slower than your regular sensitivity? Ill post the current world on here soon. Maybe either later tonight or tomorrow.:D

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