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x2495iiii 10-18-2009 03:33 AM

In no particular order:

I made the laser to be kind of like the weapon you save up for at the end of the game, you know, the one you only get to use on the last part. Also, I know that the zombies sometimes don't come back, but I'm really not sure why that is. There have been a few times when I've been testing the game and something bad happens, only to have it never happen again after repeating the event several times. I do have an idea to counteract that glitch, though, so I'll see if I can work around it.

The delay for the zombies is intentional. I was trying to make it so that the zombies COULDN'T respawn all at once, so I had each zombie wait a different amount of time after being shot before respawning.

I knew about the waiting and seeing the zombies glitch, but I left it in cause I though it was funny. It looks almost like the zombies are going after the penguin to kick it some more, or like the zombies are making a victory march across the field.

As far as lag goes, that has never been a problem for either of my two computers. Both of them have tried the world and ran nearly every scenario I could think of with fine results (except for a slight speed increase in one of them when a zombie is shot). I could try looking back at my code to see if it could be streamlined, but nearly every processor-power saving trick I've tried for this world has caused world-stopping exceptions.

In any case, I'm listening to you guys, so thanks for playing and for the input!

dubastot 10-18-2009 02:19 PM

The zombies should come at you quicker and all the crazy guns should come later in the game. Nice weapons though. All of them are way bettter than the gun in my gun.

Chris101b 10-19-2009 12:46 AM

I have a couple ideas to make it more replyable:

1. Have the game keep track of how many kills you get. Free reign of bragging rights in this forum.

2. Maybe put the weapons in order from least powerful to most powerful. When you get to a certain level, the weapons start unlocking. SO if you make it to level 5, you get the super strong weapon but all the zombies move faster. It is a good way to balance the game.

For me, the second version was way too laggy to play. It froze so much. It worked fine in the first version though. Overall, this is one of the most fun games on here (Zombies win screen made me chuckle). It is simple, addicting, and fun... the basic building blocks of a good game. All you need to work on is replayability and you are set. Good job!

dubastot 10-19-2009 08:15 PM

Your version 2 wasn't choppy at all for me. I do think having the weapons in order would be great. I also think having limited ammo would be pretty cool too. It would make the game 10 times harder and you would have to think a bit more.

x2495iiii 10-19-2009 11:58 PM

It all depends on what your machine can handle. In general, to create a game which is both quickly responsive and able to handle several events at once (such as two zombies dying at nearly the same time), it must have a BOATLOAD of if else ifs which loop constantly. Because of this, the ability to handle the game quickly depends on the computer's ability to process these if/else ifs constantly and simultaneously.

Either way, my next step, since all but one of you had problems with it, is to try to change these if/else ifs to something more manageable.

UPDATE: After only about an hour's worth of work, I've already managed to reduce the filesize by nearly 2mb! Go me!

x2495iiii 10-20-2009 01:14 AM

Also, (though it isn't typically my policy to double-post, I felt this was important and distinct enough to merit a totally different post) have you all realized each weapon's unique characteristics and abilities?

-The Handgun has none yet, it's just medium speed, single-target
-The MP5 can shoot quickly and automatically
-The Swashbuckler can take out several targets at once, but the amount is determined randomly
-The Shining Spreader has a charge shot which, when fully charged, can wipe the whole screen clear if aimed properly
-The Shining Lance (as you all know) has a beam which hits continuously
-The Triple Gun has the widest constant, uncharged range of all the guns and can take out several targets at once

And on that note, are there any weapons I've missed you'd like me to add? Handguns would be easiest, but if necessary I can shrink a rifle-like gun to fit into the peguin's fins. Remember it would have to be different in some way from ALL of the guns already in the world for it to be worth adding.

Nickto1414 10-20-2009 03:44 PM

gernade or rpg lol to do rpg
have the launcher do its thing and have a ball or rocket have a not showing smoke object on it,
when the ball hits the ground
do together
ball is showing false
smoke is showing true

have the smoke have a fire texture, and to kill zombies
if fire is within ??(idk what value will work) from zombie(all of them)
w/e kills zombies

uzack3 10-23-2009 09:23 AM

[QUOTE=x2495iiii;12308]Thanks for the input guys! I'm re-working it right now to try and make it even better! So far I've added four new weapons, three different camera angles, a better targeting system, and I'm working right now on a way to make the enemies smarter.[/QUOTE]

you should also let the penguin move left and right and let him turn a little faster but dude that was awesome!
p.s the first time i played it did nothing but the first level

x2495iiii 10-23-2009 02:37 PM

Actually, version 3 is complete, and that annoying level-freeze bug is just one of the many things I've fixed in RP3. How does this sound?

-Six levels instead of three [COLOR="Lime"]DONE[/COLOR]
-KO counter (and I look forward to seeing how high your scores are) [COLOR="lime"]DONE[/COLOR]
-Point counter [COLOR="lime"]DONE[/COLOR]
-Accuracy counter [COLOR="lime"]DONE[/COLOR]
-Weapons unlocked with points [COLOR="Lime"]DONE[/COLOR]
-Pause game and switch weapons [COLOR="Lime"]DONE[/COLOR]
-Switch weapons both forwards and backwards [COLOR="lime"]DONE[/COLOR]
-Ability to purchase upgrades for your penguin, like faster turning and superpowers (those'll be SO FUN to program!)[COLOR="Lime"]DONE[/COLOR]
-Cool weapon display which shows what weapon you have, along with stats on that weapon [COLOR="lime"]DONE[/COLOR]
-Lightning ambience in the background [COLOR="lime"]DONE[/COLOR]
-Laser-sight for the MP5 (like you wanted) [COLOR="Lime"]DONE[/COLOR]
-The one big zombie...heheh [COLOR="Lime"]DONE[/COLOR]

DumDum203 10-23-2009 10:47 PM

nice, dude
wow, i figured there'd be some nice weapons, but jeez! i think v2 is cooler, but significantly easier, which kind of takes away from it. And it does run alot slower. my computer is pretty hos (god, i AM a redneck) and it still went about half the speed of the first version. i think if you found a way to have your zombies attack from a wider angle, that would mitigate it a tad.

by the way, saw your youtube. that was pretty funny. i had to watch the first half twice. :) was that you in the voice over? lol

looking forward to v3. keep it up!

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