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alicestudent 06-10-2018 10:58 AM

Assign 3 - MR
I made the Egyptian exercise in chapter 2. As the mummy walks towards the pharaoh, the pharaoh says “Hasta la Vista” then both of his arms grow twice their size. He then punches the mummy with his right forearm and the mummy collapses. His arms and forearm go back to their original size and position.

I created three methods for this file. Mummy.step is created with do together (leg + movement) followed by the leg going back to its original position. I repeated this with the other leg until the mummy reached the pharaoh.

While the mummy is inching toward the pharaoh, I have the pharaoh.gesture method of his arms growing, saying “hasta la vista”, and punching the mummy at the end of the method. For his arms to go back to normal size I put a arm resize command after the method is complete.

After the mummy is punched the mummy.fall method is activated which consists of the mummy turning a quarter of a revolution which it stops when the mummy is parallel to the ground.

Without using methods this exercise would have taken twice as long and a lot more of concentration effort on my part.


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