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serenity333 10-20-2010 06:20 PM

Installation Problems
I downloaded Alice 2.2. When I tried extracting the .zip file, it said "The compressed (zipped) file is empty. Before you can extract files, you must copy files to this compressed (zipped) file.
What do I do? :confused:

debussybunny563 10-20-2010 06:23 PM

[SIZE="2"]Unfortunately, I believe you have to re-download.

It was probably a corrupt download (I think it actually happened to me once), and the only solution is to try again.[/SIZE]

serenity333 10-20-2010 06:43 PM

Argh, I've already redownloaded once. TT_TT
Sigh. *sits down for another three-hour wait*

MarkW4CHL 11-23-2010 10:52 AM

I found the site was MUCH faster downloading Alice 2.2b (the one with tutorials from the Alice 2.2 book).


Best, Mark
W4CHL in Central NC

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