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bye 12-01-2017 01:39 PM

Intriguing Problems
I was looking at an activity and could not find an answer anywhere for it. I am currently learning Java, however have been trying to teach myself how to use Alice as I find it very interesting on how the code and graphics intertwine. Extremely interested on how these are tackled and would love to be able to see the result on how these are done.

1) Pollutants in the water. Create a sea world game with a fish that avoids other objects that are floating in the water. Part of the fish’s body should be above the water’s surface, so you can see it swimming.) The game is to have the fish avoid the objects floating in the water by pressing the spacebar.

2) Eliminate the bugs, zombies, cowboys, or whatever you like use (You’re pick). Create a world with a list or an array that contains the objects that are to be eliminated. When the world is played, the objects should all move quickly in different random directions. When the user successfully clicks an object, it should vanish.

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