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jermee90 09-21-2014 03:01 PM

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So in creating this assignment I decided to actually buy the instrumental for the actual song and incorporate it into the video. Although this meant I had to change my duration from 1.5 to different times to match the beat of the song it looks great.

Zenitramjk 09-21-2014 09:12 PM

Nice! Very fancy! I didn't even think of doing that! That's greatness!

mrnelson3177 09-22-2014 06:36 AM

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Yes I to put the lyrics in my I assignment four and blew the 1.5 talk rule but I think it turn out ok as well. Once you get to playing with the controls in Alice world it came become kinda of addictive.
Did anyone have problems with the random number part of the project, because I went to YouTube and typed in "random numbers Alice" and found a good tutorial that help me but am not sure if I still did it right but at least I was able to find the random number selection.

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