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Mauricio 09-07-2016 05:38 PM

Objects in Alice
I choose to build the PP1.10 which is the helicopter lifting, taking off, flying in a circle and then it lands. I started by adding the airport object into the world view, then I began to adjust the airport object manually using the object positioning controls and camera controls. Next I added the helicopter object and proceeded to add the code necessary for the helicopter to perform the lift, circle and land. However when I ran the animation I realized that part of the airport building had been swallowed by the sky back ground because of the way I had position it, so I proceeded to adjust the airport object with the positioning controls and camera controls but it was very cumbersome and it was not doing what I wanted, so I decided to delete everything and started new. Finally when I had everything back the way I thought it should be, I ran the animation but the helicopter was not flying in a circle as intended, but after some trial and error with the move, turn, do together and do in order commands, I was able to program the helicopter to take off, fly in a circle and then land.

lucyrn99 09-08-2016 04:34 PM

Hi Mauricio,

Wow, you picked one of the most difficult animations, in my opinion.
Good for you for making it work correctly after trial and error.

I know I'd be able to get the helicopter to fly up and in a circle, but not sure I'd know how to get the propellers to rotate while it's flying.
Maybe you can share with us how you did that.. did you select the propellers and select a method for 'turn'?
If so, how did you get the propellers to turn continually, while the helicopter is flying?
I wanted to have one of the objects in my scene rotate continuously while the animation is playing, but couldn't figure out how to do it.

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