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sfunk 12-20-2014 07:38 PM

In Game Sensitivity Tutorial
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Hello Alice community,

I have recently been checking out a few worlds that people uploaded to the forums and have noticed that turning speeds and controls in general seem to be somewhat clunky due to speed control.

I decided to make a quick world in which shows you how to set up a [COLOR="lime"][SIZE="5"]sensitivity control[/SIZE][/COLOR] or [COLOR="lime"][SIZE="5"]character speed[/SIZE][/COLOR] control which is completely accessible while mid-game to allow on the fly change of your characters speed and turning speed.

Sorry for not making a video on how to do the coding and set-up of everything, but this is pretty simple and just uses basic variables user inputs.

I hope this is helpful to those starting out with Alice and want to add something a little unique to their game.

The [COLOR="Lime"][SIZE="5"]"Instructions"[/SIZE][/COLOR] method contains text that tells of the controls and how to use the world.

Thanks for Checking it out and Good Luck!

AliceAndConnor 12-21-2014 02:23 AM

Just when I was trying to think how to create sensitivity control for my FPS from your suggestion, I see your post! Thank you for doing so, I really didn't have a good idea at all on how to set it up until this tutorial!:)

Since I'm just using my moble device right now I can't download the example world but I will soon!:)

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