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l3thal 05-25-2011 11:40 PM

Unable to save my world with custom model please help!
An error has occurred while attempting to save your world.
This is a critical situation that needs to be dealt with immediately.

NOTE: Please check for a directory co-located with
your world named "Backups of <YourWorldNameHere>" which
should contain previously saved versions of your world.

We at the Alice Team apologize for any work you have lost

Please accept our sincerest apologies. The Alice Team.

Alice version: 2.2 02/10/2011

Throwable that caused the error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not find ancestor: world, class: class edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.core.World
Details: den011 class edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.core.TextureMap

at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.core.Element.internalGetKey(

at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.core.Element.getKey(

at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.core.reference.DefaultReferenceGenerator.generateReference(

at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.core.Property.encodeReference(

at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.core.Property.encode(

at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.core.Element.internalStore(

at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.core.Element.internalStore(

at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.core.Element.internalStore(





at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.authoringtool.dialog.StoreElementProgressPane.construct(

at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.progress.ProgressPane$

at Source)

is there something wrong with my object that won't let me save the world?

denstock 07-15-2011 08:05 AM

is it solved?

legolizard 07-15-2011 10:01 AM

I have had a very similar error before. What I did to solve it was remove all textures from the model, convert it and import it into Alice and only when it was in Alice did I manually import the textures.

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