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User Name 05-04-2016 09:03 PM

Next step after Alice

I used Alice a while back in grade school and I keep coming back to it, despite its elementary scope. I was wondering if there was a next step from Alice, some similar software (preferably free) that can go beyond the limits of Alice.

P.S. I have programming experience, but haven't used much of Java.

Thank you for any suggestions.

RavenOfCode 05-04-2016 09:22 PM

Unity 3D.

This is what I (and others in the community) moved on to. Its free and super powerful. Games like Assasins Creed, Clash of Clans, Hearthstone, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Kerbal Space Program, Fallout Shelter, Wasteland, Endless Legends, and alot more I could name off the top of my head have been made using Unity.

The engine is more complex than Alice and does require actually writing code so you will need to learn the syntax. It also has lots of cool features Alice doesn't have like: A physics engine, a lighting engine (a proper one), 2 animation engines, a sound engine, networking, ect. All built in.

Here is the Unity website, I would take a look around its got alot of cool stuff:

Best of luck with your programming!

User Name 05-04-2016 09:40 PM

Thanks for the quick response!

I'll try it out, thanks.

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