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relliott44444 09-13-2014 07:14 PM

ITSE1429 Assignment3 (Assign3)
[B]Re: ITSE1429 Assignment3 (Assign3)[/B]

To my fellow classmates in the ITSE1429 class:

In doing Assignment3 for class, we are to communicate about our experience in fulfilling the requirements.

Here is a problem I am having. At the time of this post to, we do not have a forum created in the school course system to post into as called for by Assignment 3 directions, [B]“the discussion board forum: Methods in Alice”. [/B] Also, I am not yet seeing posts into the Community forum in, also per Assignment3 requirements.

Since the due date for Assignment3 is approaching, I am proposing that we students utilize an alternate school course forum [B]“Advanced Methods in Alice”[/B]. This forum is defined. Although it is specifically for the next assignment, Assignment4, it does offer the benefit of having a similar name.

To minimize confusion, we can signify a post into “Advanced Methods in Alice” as pertinent to either Assignment 3 or 4 if we indicate that in our thread names, [B]e.g. Assign3-RE[/B].


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