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sfunk 12-24-2014 11:03 PM

Fire Rate
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Hello community,

I decided to make a little game using the base build of a tutorial world I made a few days ago.

This is another zombie style horde game where you are trying to live as long as possible.

All the instructions on in the method "Instructions" so look there to see how to play.

I may have an older version of Alice 2.2 which may be a problem to some of you.

I hope you guys and gals enjoy this little game I made.


Game contains soundtrack that has profanity and game is violent in nature.

Game is suitable for 13 and up. Play at your own risk.


RavenOfCode 12-28-2014 07:33 PM

This is cool
Cool game, I really liked the gun firing animation. :) Also the menu was cool, only thing I would really add would be a simple collision detection.

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