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abannanna1 03-29-2008 08:08 AM

import instuctions as texture maps
i am making a game with alice and i would like to insert some instructions in the beginning and middle of the game. a good example of how i would like i to look is the instructions in the beginning of the flight simulator demo that comes with alice. i believe those instructions are an actual object, not just some texture map stuck in the middle of the world. does anyone know how to insert these? :confused::confused:

lanceA 03-29-2008 09:24 AM

In your objects gallery there is a panel called Create 3D Text. Have you tried to use this to create your instructions? Click on the Add Objects button then scroll all the way to the end of the Gallery. Once you've created your instructions you can then use the resulting object's properties to control it's color, appearance, visibility, etc.

An alternative would be to use a graphic program like Paint to create a .jpg file containing your instructions. (The file can be of type .gif, .bmp, .jpg, or .tif). Then in Alice go to the Properties tab & scroll down to [B]Texture Maps[/B] [U]and[/U] [B]Import texture map[/B] (import your graphic file here). In the Properties tab is also a tile, [B]skin texture[/B]. This is where you can assign your file to your instruction object.

DickBaldwin 03-29-2008 01:41 PM

[quote=lanceA;4974]In your objects gallery there is a panel called Create 3D Text. [/quote]

You will find sample code that uses 3D Text at [url][/url]

Dick Baldwin
Free Alice tutorials: [url][/url]
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