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keybasher 02-19-2013 03:33 PM

Problem with dialog box
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I'm building a world in which a bunny hops forward a distance chosen by the user. However, for some reason, the dialog box prompting the user to give a distance in meters comes up twice in a row. (As in, it comes up, the user puts in the value, hits ok, and the box comes up again.) Is there a way to correct this? Here's the file if you need it.

chickentree 02-19-2013 05:26 PM

First of all, I don't get the error(it may be the fact that I'm using a Mac.)

So now that we've established that I'm shooting from the hip I have two suggestions.
1. Create a variable to hold the user's answer.
2. Set the value for this variable outside the "Do together" block.
3. (Oh ya, I can't count either) set the duration on instructions in the nested "Do together" blocks to 0.5 seconds.

keybasher 02-23-2013 12:20 PM

Um, did you look at my file? I didn't use a Do Together block.

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to look at the method I used.

EDIT2: That did it! Thanks!

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