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ottosparks 03-07-2007 07:33 AM

How Can I Make A Bilboard That Can Be Like A Person?
I Want To Make These Like A Person:
Just The Person Part ok?

DrJim 03-07-2007 03:35 PM

Making a 2D sprite using the billboard.
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This will, of course, only give you a 2D sprite, not a full 3D figure. Here is the basic approach :) :

1. Edit your artwork to give you the views of the character you want. In this case I just did the front, back and side versions of one of your images.
2. Convert this image to .png format with a transparent background using alpha level transparency (naruto_master1t.png). Load this into Alice as a billboard for a first check. (You can see it needs some edits.)
3. Clean up the drawing until the characters look good (I left that to you :D ).
4. Split the master drawing into three views. Import one of the views as a billboard and then import the other two views as textures to create your sprite.
(Notes: It is best if at least one dimension of the image at this step is a power of two. Your final image size, in "Alice units," will (usually) be about one meter per every 64 pixels.)
4. Now as you move the sprite, change textures as appropriate. (See the example world.)

How you actually get to the .png image is beyond the scope of this posting, but most medium and high end graphics tools support alpha transparency in the .png format. (MS Paint does not.) I used Paint Shop Pro here.

Of the free tools, GIMP is popular - though I personally don’t care for it. I’ve recently been using PaintStar with good results, but I haven’t worked enough with it to recommend it.

One final note - the attached example is very limited by the quality of the original. :o If you don't have a higher quality original, you might consider redrawing the images.

ottosparks 03-17-2007 09:25 PM

Ok I get it Ty

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