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dragnet 06-23-2010 11:36 AM

Add custom models to Mac gallery
I'm a rook with Macs, done all my Alice devel on Windows or Linux.

On the afore mentioned OS setups, adding models to the gallery is as simple as adding a folder in the 'gallery' folder of Alice.

I've just installed Alice on some Macs and I do not see a file structure behind the Alice app. Is there a way on a Mac to add models directly to the gallery?

I don't have a Mac and haven't sat down and looked at using something like bash to tranfer files into the Alice gallery. Can you see a file structure from the command line on a Mac or is Alice just one large executable file on a Mac?

I'll be back in the computer lab later today. I'll try starting a terminal and looking inside the Alice directory. Hopefully I can see the complete file structure and import that way.


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