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Ylu 07-20-2015 11:19 PM

Assignment 6 - Bottle Song
Wooooow, this was complicated because I did not know how to really start despite the directions. I read chapter 3 a little bit, watched some youtube loop videos and browsed this forum. The part that lead to problems for me at first was if I needed to use while statement with another statement, I was not sure if I should. Then I started getting variables and parameters confused. Temporary amnesia I think.

I decided to use a variable and parameter to do this assignment. And because I misunderstood an earlier assignment I thought that the only possible way to have a string was to have it through a parameter then equal it to a variable. I later found out that I could not use the parameter in the manner I was trying to use it (there might be a way but presently I do not know how).
I found out that I could use the world function -> string-> "what as a string" to make my variable a string. I was then able to replace my ill conceived parameter equation with the variable I had and boom the program worked.

I went from the bottle song showing and no number change to numbers decreasing numbers just by switching out my parameter to the variable I was using for the number swap. (I know that sounds confusing --- I tend to confuse myself)

I need to watch some more videos to get a handle on the confusion I sometimes feel when I get into doing assignments. Glad that is currently over now onward !!!!

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