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Tsubaki 09-08-2010 09:28 PM

RoboJDE Help
Well I'm working for my college as a Student Worker and I'm supposed to program a RoboJDE Robot with Alice... Quite lost since you never really see the code with the GUI interface... I'd much rather code it in plain old java but they want people that have never learned a programming language before to be able to program this robot using Alice's easy options. I... really have no clue where to start... I'm a code person. So any help with this would be greatly appreciated. :D
I can make an object wander around and do squares like the robot but... That's about it. Getting that data to the robot... I have no clue. It has its own program for that. And even if I got the data over I know it probably wouldn't make the robot do anything since it has its own database it pulls methods back from. I need to see the code maaaaan this GUI is nice for making little tricks but I want to just see the code behind it. :(

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