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DeathxKiller 05-18-2011 06:09 PM

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i need some help with this ISpy game. if u can, add more items to confuse people and please tell how to make it so that the prize will show when ALL items are found. having trouble with that.:(

Jones989 06-13-2011 08:19 PM

I found a solution to the problem. Lemme change some of the coding and then ill upload it.

Jones989 06-13-2011 08:35 PM

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I made it so that instead of just getting the lunchbox to get to the second level,
you need all the items to move on. Also i fixed your "Candy Cane" problem. I didn't add any items, but I think I at least got you a step further in your ISpy thing. To fix your problem, you needed to make it differently. you put, "If revolver.opacity == 0, then do together...". it needed to be If revolver.opacity == 0, then if moneybag.opacity..." and do that untill the last item [I]then[/I]
put the do together prize thing.

If you didnt understand that, look at it this way:
[B]- Loop[/B] = infinity times
[B]- Wait[/B] 2 seconds
[B]- If[/B] Revolver.Opacity == 0 which goes inside of loop
[B]-If[/B] moneybag.Opacity == 0 which goes inside of revolver
[B]-If[/B] compass.Opacity == 0 which goes inside of moneybag
[B]- If[/B] combolock.Opacity == 0 which goes inside of compass
[B]-Do together[/B] which goes inside of comboLock
candyCane1 set opacity to 1 (100%)
candyCane1 play sound world.gong (0.05.585) (Both go inside Do together)

If you still don't understand, look at the example I made for you on the attached file and you will understand.



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