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Pmike2004 08-08-2012 10:00 AM

Need some advice/help
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So I am taking a summer course in this class. I have a project that I am currently working on which you must make a game.

I need some help (we did not cover this content in class) to make my project stand out.

The game is a "shooting gallery" type game similar to wack-a-mole. Plate pop up and down and when the user clicks on them they turn red and are unable to re-appear.

I add a countdown clock and a restart game button.

My issues:
1) The plates will still reappear when they have already turned red.
2) The game continues on past the countdown clock run out
3) The restart button does not fully restart the game.
**) I'd like to add a numerical score into the game somehow but have NO idea how to begin to do that.

The restart button and countdown clock were not covered in class but I thought they added an element to the game which was needed, though not asked for. The plates situation I "should" know how to fix that but I am coming up short on EVERY attempt. I have tried to view other games posted here on the forums to try and see why mine isn't functioning property but I am at a loss.

Also, if there are any other ideas you all could come up with that might make my project even better, I am defiantly up for suggestions. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank You

Beans 12-11-2012 05:43 PM

Heres one thing you can do.
Add a variable for each plate.
Make it something like "plate1down"
or something like that. Rename all your objects plate1, plate2, etc.
Then, make a while the world is running loop (right click on when the world starts and select the option to change it into this format) and create a new method called platebreak or something. Then, make a infinite loop that checks if variable plate1down or something is on, plate2down, etc. Then, make it so if it is down, it cannot pop up using your own method for doing this, like 50% chance this plate pops up, unless it is plate1 and plate1down is activated. Make plate1down activated when the user clicks the mouse on it. There you go, that should work for that one.
For the clock, do the same thing. When the clock reaches 0, add a variable called timerstop or whatever. Add a number variable and make it add 1 for every time you click on a plate. Then, make it print that variable at the end of the game. See my zombie game for example for a timer counting up.

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