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Ken Singleton 09-27-2005 02:17 AM

New Versions
Is there going to be an Alice 3? If so why don't you open a thread where users can put their suggestions of what they might like to see in the next version. Of course this wouldn't obligate you to use those suggestions but it might help to expand Alice in ways you hadn't immediately thought of.
Regards, Ken.

gabe 09-28-2005 09:05 AM

The Alice Team is currently in discussions about what changes and enhancements to make to Alice. The suggestion for a thread to enable users to provide feedback on this topic is an excellent one. In fact, I created a new subforum for this: the [URL=]Suggestion Box[/URL].

Depending on activity and thread topics, I [I]may[/I] end up merging the Comments and Inquiries forum (newly labeled) with the Suggestion Box forum, so as not to divide related topics among two forums. Thoughts?

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