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maldonado225 04-27-2009 08:46 AM

display a message for user to see:
i'm having a very hard time with my end of the year project. one of the criteria for the project is: "when the world starts, the user should see a message announcing that this program demonstrates the use of event handling and the if/else construct"...

how exactly do i execute this? i've asked my teacher for clarification but i am more confused now than i was before.

i'm also stumped on the last part: "a message should appear that says the characters will say goodbye together."

how do i display these "messages"?

any help would be greatly appreciated!


pingu 04-28-2009 06:15 PM

i'm a kinda self-taught, shortcut alice user...
there may be an easier way, but for the start up message, create a jpeg picture, in paint or something, and then import it as a BILLBOARD. then just place it in front of the camera. after that, to make it appear or disappear, set the opacity. as for the end message, you could do the same, provided your camera doesn't move too much. if it does, you can get the placing right by means of trail and error, but that takes a long time. there probably is an easier way. I'm sure you can check with a senior member...

hope that helps,
pingu :P

[B]oh yes[/B], and what did your teacher say to you?

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