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esayago 06-20-2015 05:00 PM

Hey guys, just wanted to share with you what I've learned today with Alice. If/Else statements are just amazing, you can have your program decide what to do depending on the result of an equation or any data you may want to enter, you can do this by using an If/Else statement and and compare results or use true or false values. As you can see this type of statements allows the programmer to compare two variables, but you can actually have more possible answers by adding another if/else statement inside the existing if/else statement. make sure you use functions from the wold object, take a look at those, to use them you have to drag and drop them over (true or false) the existing parameter..

Have fun

cmachua 06-21-2015 02:20 AM

How cool, I'll be doing this in the morning. Finally my book is here and I can catch up.

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