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jediaction 10-04-2010 08:32 PM

FPS AI System
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I have spent a little time and put together an AI system that could be used for an FPS game. Feel free to use it, but please give credit:D

There is a FPS version and a normal unarmed version...

[B]NEWEST VERSION: The newest version is titled "AI"[/B]

debussybunny563 10-04-2010 08:45 PM

[SIZE="2"]It's a nice template for beginners to use.
Perhaps start adding a health system and have him be able to shoot back.

Coincidentally, I had been working on AI too, doing some serious pose work and trying to make it adaptable so it could easily be transferred over to my FPS.

Good start! :)[/SIZE]

jediaction 05-14-2012 10:43 PM

I am bumping this thread because I updated my AI. It's a lot smarter now and I might be able to actually make soldier buddies for games and maybe a kit for everyone else to use for their own games. Right now, I posted the updated "soldier version." Enjoy guys!


[B]He backs up when you get to close[/B]
[B]He gives up when you are to far[/B]
[B]He follow you when your a certain distance away from him[/B]
[B]He targets you with some sway[/B]
[B]New Cover System.[/B]

room14 05-15-2012 01:10 AM

you know, I really like AIs.
anyway, first of all, the basic thing they need to do before anything is stay in cover. you have to make predetermined spots as "cover" or go the extra mile and make it identify the cover them selves.

Next, you have to make them pop in and out of cover at random or conditionally eg. when he has enough ammo etc..

Hopefully that was helpful. what I found was it was best lay out the basics first with any AI.

An example of the thing you can add on to the cover is for the AI to advance/retreat getting to cover to cover.

That's all.


jediaction 05-15-2012 12:51 PM

I guess. I have a list already of the things I will do in the future and avoiding grenades and taking cover is in there, but this was just to show that they can follow you realistically. Thanks for the suggestions though.

New Update. There is now a cover system and I'm working on controlling 3 AI buddies. The first one is done. Enjoy guys. Select the soldier you want to command with the icons on the top right of hte screen. Then, walk up to the piece of cover, click it, and your guy will move to cover. To tell him to get out of cover, press (C). To make him stop following you when he's following you, press (C). Enjoy!

Btw, it's not fully done yet so it may be a bit glitchy. Also, Room14, I am targeting this AI to do a certain task and it's being a squad. I already added 3 squad members who follow your orders. New Update just added.

The AI is worth it guys.

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